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We have secure, indoor storage facilities. You may find that for one reason or another you need storage, short term or long term. Perhaps you have sold your house and been unable to find a new home in time, you may have sold your home to get cash for buying your next home, or could it be you want to get out of “that chain” and give yourself more flexibility and buying power for future purchases. Or maybe you are moving back in with parents whilst you save for that “elusive deposit”. Whatever the reason, we have the storage solution, “easy in easy out”, you simply pay month by month until you are ready to move into your new home. Call 07564 580893 for more information.

Storage room

Store all your workshop, hobby objects in your own storage room, clear the house and garage, store all you’re bulky tools and items in your storage space to give
you more room at home. Maybe your decorating and need some short term storage space so you can get the job done. Clear the loft out and create more space at home, lots of different uses for your own personal storage unit.  Whatever the reason you will find our storage units the right choice and the right price. Ideal for students who are in between campus or homes. Just give us a call on 07564 580893 to discuss your personal storage requirements, its not as expensive as you think and it gives you a lot more home back for a minimal investment.

Archive Storage Facilities

Running out of office space, are you sick of archive boxes continuously being moved from corner to corner in the office. The simple answer is to take advantage of our archive storage facilities. Storing all of those bills, receipts and vat documents you cant throw away. Just pop all of your documents in our archive boxes, seal it with the lid, and label the box for easy reference. We will come and pick all the boxes up from your office and store them in your own, personal, archive storage room, job sorted, simple as that, and just watch how much office space you get back, and how much more productive you will be when your not falling over boxes every day. Call 07564 580893 for more information.